Codename: Workable

iPad App for Job Training and Task Completion

Accessibility comes First

I completed this project in my fourth year at UBC students in the Capstone Program. This program goes for an entire school year and consists of businesses from around the city having student teams work on future products for them. I was selected to work on a project proposed by The Developmental Disability Association. They wanted to have a tablet ios app made to help them with their work as they felt that nothing currently on the market met their needs. Job West helps their clients get jobs and then assist them in the workplace to learn the skills they need. What they wanted from my team was a task completion app that would allow multiple layers of assistance and involvement depending on the abilities of the person using it.

I took lead on this project and would be in charge of setting meetings, presenting our progress to our client, and facilitating meetings. The features they desired in this app ranged from presenting text, photo, video and audio instructions, as well as timers for all tasks and awards for completion. It was also crucial that the product was able to be navigated without needing to read. If words had to be used they needed to simple, and icons needed to be self explanatory. Due to this level of customization my team and I opted to put off development for a couple months and focus on a ‘User Centered Design’. This design process required us to meet with our client every other week to make sure that the prototypes were designing were meeting the needed usability expectations. We also met with potential users to have them walk through our prototypes to get usability metrics and to help us better understand our users needs.

During this six month process we were able to develop an alpha build of the product that we deployed to our client to test in the field. During development we contributed some of our own features to the product that our client was very happy were added. The most significant one was the data logging feature. We set up a reporting system where they could see their clients results when completing tasks and would get detailed log of how well they were doing each time they went through a task list. We felt this was a very necessary tool as it would allow our clients to gather data and act on it in meaningful ways.

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