Story Grid

Universal iOS App for Combining Photos

Not Just Another Photo Collage App

Story Grid was the first independent iOS app I created. Its purpose is to allow users to pick as many photos as they want on their device, and then have them displayed back to them in a grid. There are many photo collage apps already available in the app store, however most of them have a photo limit and are filled with ads or in app purchases.

After coming home from a trip and wanting to create a collage of over 100 photos, I was forced to turn to photoshop as none of the apps on the app store could accomplish this task. I chose this as a project for me to start developing on my own, as there was a void in the marketplace for this simple concept.

Prior to starting Story Grid, I had about 8 months of experience developing in iOS. I completed research on some open source libraries I could use, and began implementing my idea. Before I start writing code, I prefer to first map out a basic design of the product so I can understand what the main functionality will be and how it will be presented to the user. Designing also helps in setting up Xcode autolayout constraints. This project taught me how to use scroll views for interacting with images and how to check for other apps on the phone and share to them.

Overall this was a fun project to work on because I was able to setup some satisfying mathematical functions to deal with calculating the dimensions, and had a product that was something I actually wanted to use. In the end I titled the app Story Grid, as I felt the grid you were creating was less about the individual photos on it, and more about the overall story the images portrayed. Story Grid is currently on the appstore and I am hard at work adding additional features to upcoming versions.

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