Local Social Media App Startup

Taking the lead in UX

Currents served as both my first step into the Startup world and my first official Design position. I had worked on design projects in school prior to this and was eager to put my skills to the test. I started by developing the initial product designs and creating medium fidelity on device prototypes using Sketch and inVision. These designs and product plans were crucial in the initial development stages to help layout and test new features prior to development as well as help fill out the pitch deck for investor presentations. They were also beneficial as the product matured to help map out new features and product ideas that were to be added to later app versions.

Due to the startup nature I was able expand out from planning and creating the UX/UI designs to implementing features on the front end. I created a product specific loading icon that would appear on ‘pull-to-refresh’ animations and implemented an optional interactive tutorial. I also went through and redesigned screens that were less appealing to users to improve their aesthetics and usability. I assisted with the website design and the design of promotional products. During my time with Currents I realized how much I enjoy graphic design and digital media as I was able to spend time creating and thinking through iconography and logo designs while also doing UX and front end work.

Other Projects