Who I am.

I independently design and develop applications that can help people complete common workplace tasks using their tablets or phones. When working on these projects I complete the planning, graphic design, market research, initial testing and development on my own. I have created this site as a place to showcase projects I have completed as well as ones that I am currently working on.

Please check out my AppStore Profile to the view the apps I have released. I can provide more information about my previous job experience and responsibilities through email or Linkedin.


Showcases of Projects Past and Present

iOS App for Collage Creation

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Local Social Media Startup

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Misc. and Inprogress Projects

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iPad Workplace Accessibilty Project

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Contact Me

I am currently seeking job opportunities that will allow me to use and expand my skills. You can contact me at the email below or on Linkedin if you have any questions regarding my work, previous job experience, or to setup an interview.